Friday, May 18, 2007

Answers:Question of the day #3

Macau not Las vegas or Paris

Answers:Question of the day #2

Soorry for such an ambigous question
the answer i was looking for was
Purple Cow

Answers:Question of the day #1

John Pierpont Morgan(cracked by all)

Answers: Tycoon Quiz

1. J D Rockafeller
2. Lex Lithor
3. Carlos Slim Helu
4. Waltons
5. Sultan of Brunei : Hasanlal bolkiah
6. K P Singh
7. Essel Group
8. Hong kong
9. Richie RIch/Oliver 'daddy' warbucks(in 2002 forbes made richie rich the richest, 2006 they gave the title to oliver warbucks)
10. My fav question answer is Vijay Mallya

Answers to the Biz Quiz#1

1. MGM Grand
2. Endemol
3. Price waterhouse Coopers
4. Amar singh's daughters
5. A lot of brands actually, mates condoms, oui fm, trainline, fever fm, ,mobile store, blue holidays
6. Sun
7. 7up
8. Donald Trump sr.
9. Teana
10 IPO's


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